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Nail blogs + followers

When I first started this blog, I didn’t want to miss one bit of inspiration from anything/anyone so I followed every blog. Now my dashboard looks all types of crazy all the time & I haven’t followed anybody in forever. I wish I would’ve stuck with only following strictly nail blogs with this account and following everything else that I love with a personal one.. but I’m just too lazy to go through all that work though.

If I ever feel like sitting online for hours and hours and hours, I’ll start a personal blog.

My list of followers is too big to go through, so if you’re a nail artist please let me know! ♥ Any nail artists/blogs for me to follow?

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  1. poopinpanda answered: :)
  2. sossnails answered: moi=)
  3. soleilventeux answered: Hi! I just started a new nail blog (odetosoleilnails), I just found yours btw (im following right after i send this).
  4. fuckyeahnastassia answered: :)
  5. lionesslacquer answered: It would be an honor to have you follow ♥ I always look forward to your nail posts!
  6. justnails answered: I’m a nail blog (:
  7. polishisagirlsbestfriend answered: This is my nail blog, and I also have a personal blog Buttheymarrybrunettes
  8. epicnailart answered: Check out our blog when you have time (:
  9. nail-it-baby answered: You really are dope so follow me: tha bitch….
  10. sweethoneycomb answered: Hi I am obessed with painting my nails and i love, i mean LOVE your work! Could u please follow me cause one day i wanna grow up to b like u
  11. pobody answered: ehh, my blog isn’t strictly nail art, but i do post my weekly nails if you’re interested (/tagged/my+nails)
  12. twinkletits answered: Mine are amateur, but all hand done and I hardly every reblog- I try to keep it all original.
  13. nailsbybetsy answered: u can follow mines:
  14. lanhu answered: All of the nail designs on my blog are my own, except for the occasional giveaway
  15. prettyproject answered: I asked this question a few weeks ago and found some good ones :)…
  16. pienspolish answered: I am an nailartist, i just started my blog but i def am continuing to make cool designs! I would mean a lot to me if you will follow me! xxx
  17. yetanotheralias answered: :)
  18. mysupersweetnails answered: I’m an nail artist XD
  19. illnastynails answered: Me! :)
  20. lacqueredinkedfabric answered: meeee! im new to tumblr and i feel the same way…who i follow and what i reblog is all over the place :(
  21. sellzcutethings said: I do some nail designs, I’m no where near as good as you but we both have the same passion for nail art :-) www.sell…
  22. mariheart3 said: I’m an amateur and don’t get to do designs often.. but on my sweetheartnails blog I only post n reblog nail art posts :) <3
  23. wickedklaws answered: I’ve been doing nail art for a few months now, but I just started my blog not that long ago. I love your blog!
  24. nailsbybrittanymoody answered: I only post nails and nail art. Sometimes reviews.
  25. drinkcitra said: <3
  26. thecrazybitchexpress said: Still a beginner, but working at it :)
  27. fromceliatoruth7 answered: I am only a beginner at this whole blog nail artist thing, But I hope to put up many of my designs soon =) You can follow if you would like
  28. chronoszrandomz said: I just made a nail blog =) do check it out www.crna…
  29. naiilartlover answered: me! :)
  30. nineteenyearsslater answered:!
  31. ohyounancyhuh answered:
  32. allezangela answered:! :)
  33. mind-ga5 answered: :P
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